Our Name

Potamus DesignWhy Potamus Design?

"Potamus" is our family motto, the meaning behind is very important to our family. The word Potamus stems from the ending of the word Hippopotamus. We know they are wild but they has a lovely spiritual meaning as well, they remind us that you have the potential to become whoever you want to be. They also represent creativity, courage and  peace. 

Potamus means river as well. 



creative & courage

To us, the word “Design” has a universal meaning. This means from the simplicity of a rock to the most complex machinery; designing isn’t only for designers. However, we are perceiving art, design, and creativity as an essential part of our expressions are human beings. Keep this in mind when you believe you are not good enough in these areas, and that it will be a natural process throughout your lifetime. 


The process of developing & creating

Potamus' Team