How long will it take to get my order?

It really depends on where you are. We cannot tell you an exact number of days however, you can follow your parcel once we give you the tracking number (only if is applicable).

Do I have to pay taxes with my purchase?

Since we just have launched our website we are offering tax free shopping experience. Enjoy!

Can I return my products?

We do have a return policy that you can check bellow of this section. However, there are some products that cannot be retuned due to the nature of their function such as earrings.

Nonetheless, you can always contact us at sales@potamusdesign.com 

Can I get my product customized?

It depends. Art is always open to commission and you can send us an e-mail at sales@potamusdesign.com. We will be pleased to evaluate your request and get back to you about what the next steps will be.

However, we are not currently taking any custom orders for jewelry pieces.

* Potamus Design have the rights to refuse to create any commissions.


Do you have your products at any store?

Yes, our best seller, the Circle of Life Bracelet is available at Framing & Art Centre in Waterloo. Located at 465 Phillip Street Parkdale, Waterloo, ON N2L 6C7.

The rest of products are selling Only through our Online Store www.potamusdesign.com



Does the frame have any guarantees?

Yes, all of our art has information about the date and place it was framed. Almost all of our frames are provided by Framing & Art Centre Waterloo, so if there any questions, we can easily provide you with answers.

Are there more colour choices I can pick for my frame?

Unfortunately, if the piece of Art is already framed, we are not able to change the frame colour. However, if you buy a piece of Art without a frame, you are then able to select the colour of frame you desire and we will provide you with a quote. You can contact us at info@potamusdesign.com for any other questions.

What’s the painting technique are you using?

All of our paintings are made using Acrylic on a Canvas.


How can I take care of my jewelry?

It is pretty easy. We have in our blog  all information you need to take care of your jewelry. please, see it at our home page.


What kind of materials do you use to make the jewellery?

Majority of our jewelry is made of solid .925 recycled sterling silver. Some pieces have touches of casting rose-gold between 8k and 18k. We try to mainly work only with sterling silver; however, some pieces are made of brass and cooper. At the moment, we are not making any pieces that contains stone. But we are currently searching for a company that provides the best lab-growth quality of stone and a company we would love to support!

Who are your suppliers?

Mostly Rio Grande, USA. Nonetheless, we get many tools and silver from the KWStudio, Gesswein Canada and BeadFX Canada.

Who made your jewelry?

We do! As we are a small family business we try to get everything done with love and care by ourselves specially for you.

Are the chains made for you?

Unfortunately, no, they aren't. The chains are the one product that is unfortunately not made by us. We use the chains as a complement of our own designs like our pendants. So, for now, are not making the chains by hand.  

And another product that is not hand made by us are the butterfly backs that come with the stud earrings.

Any other questions?

Please, email us at info@potamusdesign.com or use our contact page. We will be happy to help you! :)