About Us

Potamus Design

Potamus Design was created by a couple Ana an architect and Tito an IT engineer who landed in Canada a few years ago, with four big pieces of luggage filled with dreams, they didn’t know how long this adventure would take nor all the obstacles and blessings they would have. However, they believe that the universe always has a mission to show them the right path at the right moment.

Although, they had always shared the idea of having their own business they have never found a clear opportunity to achieve that goal. Nonetheless, after a few years and with some evident health issues, Ana decided to quit her job and consequently started retaking some postponed plans.  She started studying metalsmith and painting as a therapy which became part of her healing plan. She shared this passion with her husband Tito and some close friends who gave her the motivation to take it seriously. Tito has always supported her ideas however, this time he would decide to jump with her to build their own business through all the concepts which they have learned through their lives and studies to design and create jewelry & art pieces dedicated to people who love and appreciate the work made by hand and heart.

Probably you are wondering who are those in the picture and no, we are not them! They are Hippo & Rana part of the name company inspiration but wait! ... what about the name? that's right.. click here!